Sunday, 15 January 2017

Redoing The Dining Room? Consider A Wicker Dining Set

When you’re redoing your dining room, you can keep it casual without resorting to a rustic farm table or ultra-modern sleek lines. Wicker furniture, often associated with sun rooms and patios, is ideal for a dining room. It delivers a laid-back, tropical look that is just as elegant as it is easygoing. 

wicker paradise

Take these tips from Wicker Paradise. A wicker dining set brings an earthy appeal to your home. If it hasn’t been painted, wicker usually has a warm, golden tan color. It’s neutral enough to complement any other d├ęcor or color scheme. The light hue can brighten up a room with few windows. Wicker can be stained or painted any color, making it more modern and unique. White wicker has a traditional, beachy appeal. Bright jewel tones can help you express your personality. A dark stain can make it match your cherry, walnut or mahogany wood furniture.

The delicate lines can fill up a small room without overpowering it. Wicker tables often have glass surfaces, opening up the view in a cozy space. Wicker chairs are durable and easy to clean. They can be wiped down with a damp cloth or dusted periodically with a soft brush. Because repeated exposure to direct sunlight can cause the color to fade, you should keep your furniture away from the window unless it has been painted. With minimal upkeep, this lightweight and durable furniture should last for years.


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