Thursday, 23 February 2017

5 Step Guide: Air Plant Decorating

Blending perfectly into the busy modern lifestyles of today, the air plant is a desirable, accessible and convenient garden-free option for plant lovers. Air plants are easy to grow and using only their roots to secure themselves to their surroundings, whether that be a tree in the natural environment or a man-made terrarium. They blend perfectly with many of our seagrass furniture and wicker furniture collections! With over 600 different varieties of air plants, there’s an untapped world of for green- fingered city dwellers. Your certainly don’t need a backyard to foster your love of gardening and modern day terrariums come in so many different styles, shapes and sizes to complement your interior décor.

Wicker Paradise has shared here is your ultimate 5 step guide for decorating your home with stunning air plants and plant terrariums.

Choose Your Plants
There’s an endless choice of air plants available, all of which have their own unique personalities. Inject your home with color, fill empty spaces with exotic looking plants or choose something minimalistic and understated. Whatever your interior style, there are over 600 types of air plants to choose from. We love this versatility and the complimentary look tied in with wicker furniture.

When selecting your plants, also consider the size of your terrarium and the space you have available in your home. Many air plant varieties grow at a slow and steady place and will need occasional trimming.

Choose Your Terrariums
Modern day terrariums are extremely slick and stylish, often made from a simple glass hanging. But terrariums can be any sort of container including cloches, lantern cloches, bell jars, apothecary jars, old fish bowls, vases, tureens or compotes.

If you are looking for a low budget option, or perhaps you want a child safe option for your home, you can even make a container using an old plastic bottle.For most homeowners though, air plants are all about achieving a Scandinavian-inspired minimalistic look, making cloche vessels or hanging glass containers the most popular choice. Read on to see what tools and accessories you will need to install your own home air plant terrarium.

Wicker Paradise air plant

Pick Your Tools and Accessories
There are so many ways to display air plants in your home. You can hang your pots from frames and hangers on your wall, you can create a large aquarium which suspends directly from your ceiling, or you can use designer cloche containers and arrange them in your window.

Whatever you choose, here are some basic tools and accessories you will need:

Mounting material – you’re correct in thinking that air plants do not need soil. However, providing some mounting material can help your plant develop a pretty shape as it grows. Mounting material can be anything from pebbles and rocks to gravel or sand.

Water spray bottle – air plants need mostly air to survive and over watering can kill them. But they still need some H20 every so often. Make sure you give your plant a spritz if it starts to look dry or lackluster.

Sheet moss – although not necessary, sheet moss can help you soak up any excess water when you water your plant, keeping the terrarium looking neat and tidy.

Decorative materials – glass terrariums look great no matter how you decorate them. You can use pebbles, stones, gravel, sand, twigs or driftwood to make your terrarium look unique. Soft seagrass is a popular decorative material which looks fantastic in a hanging glass globe and matches beautifully with seagrass furniture or wicker furniture in your conservatory.

Install your Terrariums
If you choose to hang large glass vessels from your ceiling or glass terrariums from your wall, be sure to have the right power tools at hand. Once you know how, they are very easy to install. So where should your air plants go?

Air plants should never be placed in direct sunlight. If they are kept in a place where they are directly affected by the sun, they can die. Some plants prefer to grow in the shade so always opt for a cool, moderately well-lit are of the home. Depending on whether your extension is north or south facing, you can even use air plants to decorate your conservatory. As the name suggests, these plants rely on air to grow and survive so install your plant pots somewhere with great air circulation.

Care for Your Plants
Caring for air plants takes no time at all. They are perfect for working professionals or busy families who don’t have time to keep a garden. But you still need to remember the fundamental basics of plant care. From late spring to mid-autumn, use a mister on your plant every day or every other day. In the winter months, you will only need to spray your plants once a week on average.

To promote plant growth, you can also fertilize your plant during spring and summer. To find out more, you can watch a video on caring for your air plants.


Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Using Your iPad For Design Inspiration

Transforming your home into everything you’ve ever wanted it to be can be a difficult process. From choosing what style of drapes you will hang in the living room, to how many pieces of furniture you can get in the sunroom can be overwhelming. Without the added benefit of proper measurements and an understanding of the design process you could find yourself confused and lost. However, advancements in technology have revealed new ways to decide on a design before you actually make any purchases. Now instead of hiring an interior designer all you have to do is download an App for your iPad to help you make the best decisions. Wicker Paradise has shared 5 most popular Design apps here you can download.

Wicker Paradise Design Applications

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

This App can be downloaded for free via iTunes and allows you to design every room in your home for free. You can find true inspiration from this app as it is collection of everything you can imagine all in one convenient location.

Interior Design

Whether you are changing the entire layout of your home’s interior or just adding new furniture into your home, this app can help you make the best decisions. Although the app is on the expensive side, it does offer you plenty of customizing options to add and remove.

Home Interior Layout Designer-Mark On Call

Measurements and room dimensions are extremely important to the interior design process. If you don’t have accurate measurements to go off of then you could turn a potentially beautiful design job into a complete disaster. Avoid a disaster by downloading this app for just $2.99


With SnapShop you can visualize any piece of furniture in your home with the snap of a photo on your iPhone. You can use the built in category images to drop and drag to your interior space and see how it will look and fit. The bonus is that the app is 100% free.


This app allows you to experiment with real products and paint colors in your own home environment. High quality 3D images allow you to get a real life example of your choices before you actually make them. The app is free so you have nothing to lose. Take your designing to a whole new level with these apps, and make the right decision on your furniture before you make a purchase.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Wicker Furniture Debut In Boardwalk Empire

What happens when you mix 1920s United States history, wicker furniture decor and HBO?

Mix those together and you get the hit series, Boardwalk Empire bringing us back to the start of the "Roaring 20s" filled with fun, excitement, and hopes of a brighter future!

If you follow Wicker Paradise on social media, you know we are huge fans of Boardwalk Empire, with multiple Instagram pictures from favorite scenes, amazing antique wicker reproductions from the set, and a story line keeping you on your toes at all times! We are hooked on HBO's Boardwalk Empire, appreciating how far they go to give you the most authentic experience from that era. Enjoy this sample clip of Terrence Winter going inside episode one and of course it is spoiler free!

First Sighting of Wicker in Boardwalk Empire!

By definition, wicker is anything that is woven, so our first glimpse of the wicker style in the series is this gentleman wearing his wicker hat on Atlantic City's boardwalk!

One thing Boardwalk Empire has is wicker and lots of it!

Going back to a time in America where everything was changing dramatically, culture always remained a big part of one's lifestyle and wicker furniture was associated as way of expressing personal taste and timeless traditional decor we still see today!

If you are a fan of this remarkable HBO series, you know Boardwalk Empire episodes are filled with props, costumes, and design sets remarkably consistent of Atlantic City in the 1920s.

They have gone as far as to reproduce the entire scene of interior design including wood furniture with intricate details and the multi-functional "woven" wicker design featured as:

  • Wicker trolleys on the Boardwalk.
  • Wicker fashion, hats worn by characters.
  • The Porch as the home of the wicker conversation and entertaining area.
  • Wicker chairs as accessories to decor.
  • Baby carriages made out of wicker and wood.

Wicker Furniture in Boardwalk Empire

You would think there should be a baby in that wicker carriage, right?
As much as we would like to entice you into using your antique wicker baby carriages as wine racks and liquor cabinets, let us paint the picture of this scene! We are about to hit the prohibition era and everyone on the boardwalk is saying their "goodbyes to liquor" in different ways, as one man is wheeling this carriage filled with alcohol.

Wicker furniture makes a grand debut on the very first episode of Boardwalk Empire.

These appearances of Wicker Paradise are no coincidence, as wicker furniture being a hand made work of art in the north east United States, and used as a luxury product of the time period where everything was changing in America yet traditional wicker was a must have for your home decor. Even up to the finale of season three in Boardwalk Empire, you will spot wicker.


Sunday, 5 February 2017

How To Measure Your Replacement Cushions

To start, make sure to take the cushions off of your existing furniture. We want to measure the inside of the frames of the furniture, the total area the cushions need to cover for your new replacement cushions.

Wicker Paradise Cushions
  • Start by measuring the total width from left to right on the inside of the frame.
  • Then measure front to back, the total depth of the cushion.
  • Take note of the shape of the cushion, is it rounded on the ends, straight on all corners? This will be an instrumental role in helping find the perfect fit for your replacement cushions.
  • When you have this information you can see if one of our cushion molds will fit your furniture. If the size is off by a small measurement this will be ok to use on your existing furniture.

    Wicker Paradise has shared these tips on their website also.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Wicker Paradise Review

Furniture is the most important part of your house I was lucky enough to get that masterpiece for my home from Wicker Paradise. They have wide range of furniture to suit every corner of your house. I ordered a bathroom mirror and a table from them. Nice customer service, timely delivery and uncompromised quality made a nice experience of shopping with Wicker Paradise. Thanks

- Stephen R.

Wicker Paradise Furniture

Friday, 27 January 2017

How To Mix And Match Wicker Furniture With Your Existing Decor

Interior design is our opportunity to express ourselves through our home. Our favorite colors, fabrics, and styles reflect our personalities. Of course, it isn’t always easy to decide the best way to match our favorite styles with one another. If you love wicker furniture as much as we do then you might have run into the problem of matching your wicker with your existing Décor. To help you beautify your home with your new wicker furniture we have come with several tips to bring peace to your interior design.

Look how great Lane Venture blends their outdoor wicker furniture with new upholstered designs!

Focus on Colors and Patterns
Certain colors reflect different styles. For example, dark greens, browns, and reds often give off a more traditional vibe then pale blues, bright greens, and white. Start by defining your space to figure out what your bare bones are. If you have a traditional 60s style sofa and a wicker end table you can make it work. Tie the room together with a fun colored throw or accent pillows and perhaps a bamboo rug that gives the room a certain bohemian feel.

Embrace what you already have
Most of us have a few favorite items in our home that we simply could never part with. When you are attempting to match new furniture with the old you have to figure out what are must items, and what items can be tossed. Wicker Paradise is very versatile and looks great with many modern pieces. Glass coffee tables and even some metals look great with wicker, so keep these pieces and get rid of the rest.

Wicker Paradise trending design furniture

Match wood textures and Shades
If your room is full of dark furniture then make a point to purchase dark wicker. If the other wood pieces throughout your home have intricate patterns than purchase wicker that has a plain pattern. The point is to compliment your furniture and avoid clashing the colors. If you can match even the shade of color then the pattern of your new wicker won’t matter.

Remember that Mix and Match is Trending Now
You really cannot go wrong with mixing and matching your existing furniture pieces with new and beautiful wicker furniture. With mix and matching pieces trending right now it actually looks great to have traditional pieces in the same room with brand spanking new furniture. In other words, don’t worry about your living room, patio, or dining room not matching perfectly. In reality, your space can look absolutely fabulous without a perfectly matching furniture set.