Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Wicker Furniture Debut In Boardwalk Empire

What happens when you mix 1920s United States history, wicker furniture decor and HBO?

Mix those together and you get the hit series, Boardwalk Empire bringing us back to the start of the "Roaring 20s" filled with fun, excitement, and hopes of a brighter future!

If you follow Wicker Paradise on social media, you know we are huge fans of Boardwalk Empire, with multiple Instagram pictures from favorite scenes, amazing antique wicker reproductions from the set, and a story line keeping you on your toes at all times! We are hooked on HBO's Boardwalk Empire, appreciating how far they go to give you the most authentic experience from that era. Enjoy this sample clip of Terrence Winter going inside episode one and of course it is spoiler free!

First Sighting of Wicker in Boardwalk Empire!

By definition, wicker is anything that is woven, so our first glimpse of the wicker style in the series is this gentleman wearing his wicker hat on Atlantic City's boardwalk!

One thing Boardwalk Empire has is wicker and lots of it!

Going back to a time in America where everything was changing dramatically, culture always remained a big part of one's lifestyle and wicker furniture was associated as way of expressing personal taste and timeless traditional decor we still see today!

If you are a fan of this remarkable HBO series, you know Boardwalk Empire episodes are filled with props, costumes, and design sets remarkably consistent of Atlantic City in the 1920s.

They have gone as far as to reproduce the entire scene of interior design including wood furniture with intricate details and the multi-functional "woven" wicker design featured as:

  • Wicker trolleys on the Boardwalk.
  • Wicker fashion, hats worn by characters.
  • The Porch as the home of the wicker conversation and entertaining area.
  • Wicker chairs as accessories to decor.
  • Baby carriages made out of wicker and wood.

Wicker Furniture in Boardwalk Empire

You would think there should be a baby in that wicker carriage, right?
As much as we would like to entice you into using your antique wicker baby carriages as wine racks and liquor cabinets, let us paint the picture of this scene! We are about to hit the prohibition era and everyone on the boardwalk is saying their "goodbyes to liquor" in different ways, as one man is wheeling this carriage filled with alcohol.

Wicker furniture makes a grand debut on the very first episode of Boardwalk Empire.

These appearances of Wicker Paradise are no coincidence, as wicker furniture being a hand made work of art in the north east United States, and used as a luxury product of the time period where everything was changing in America yet traditional wicker was a must have for your home decor. Even up to the finale of season three in Boardwalk Empire, you will spot wicker.


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